Mavro Dining Experience

Mavro Dining Experience

Mavro Restaurant offers unrivalled culinary experiences customized to the highest standards of quality, taste and style. Be it a hearty breakfast, an enchanting cocktail, a romantic dinner or a special occasion, dining with us will remain forever imprinted on your heart.

Mavro Dining Experience


Our mission is to create an evocative culinary experience in harmony with Greek traditions dominated by bold flavours and aromas that match the unique views of Santorini’s caldera in intensity and seductiveness. The use of open fire cooking dominates our menu which consists of different dishes conceived to be shared among guests, a way of eating and life that is intertwined with Greek culture, celebrating the purity and authenticity of Greek cuisine through a modern perspective.

Mavro Restaurant - Kivotos Santorini Hotels & Villas

The Chef

For acclaimed Chef Dimitris Katrivesis, Santorini’s gastronomy is a white canvas for exploring the culinary nexus of tradition and innovation. Drawing inspiration from local ingredients, traditional recipes and centuries-old techniques, as well as his world-wide travels, the chef has created dishes that boldly celebrate the culinary heritage of the Cyclades. Strictly seasonal, the menu is based on the daily catch sourced from local fishermen, comprising tapas-style small dishes and platters for sharing in the spirit of Greek culture.


After completing his studies in the culinary arts in Athens in 1996, Chef Dimitris Katrivesis set off to explore different flavours and ingredients from around the world with the aim of developing a global style of cooking with no borders. Beginning with the Canary Islands in 2003, he moved on to Spain in 2005 where he joined Ferran Adria’s team at the three-Michelin Star El Bulli, the best restaurant in the world at the time, returning to the Canary Islands in 2006 to open his own restaurant, Alkimia. In 2010, Dimitris joined the team of Albert Raurich in the one-Michelin Star, Dos Palillos in Barcelona, moving to Tokyo in 2012 to work at the three-Michelin Star Ryugin Restaurant, and a year later to London to complete his research on Nikkei Cuisine around the globe, which he brought to Athens in 2014. From 2015, Dimitris has been developing culinary ideas around the world with projects in Tulum, Paris and Monte Carlo.

Mavro Dining Experience

Indulge All your Senses

Inspired by the diverse flavours found on the shores of the Mediterranean, created with locally sourced products grown in the volcanic soil of Santorini, and paired with the finest wines from around the world, our dishes are packed with flavours as much as emotions. At Mavro Restaurant, we lovingly handpick the finest ingredients, using them with the utmost care and profound respect, as we seek to grasp something as elusive as happiness.

The Mavro Experience


Located in Imerovigli, the most privileged location on Santorini’s caldera, MAVRO is the perfect place to introduce something new to the Cycladic culinary scene. Conceived as a representation of what the environment around us has to offer, our strictly seasonal menu is dominated by fresh fish delivered daily by local fishermen from nearby seaside villages. Predominantly cooked over an open fire, the menu consists of different dishes conceived to be shared among guests, a way of eating that is intertwined with Greek culture. Our main goal is to celebrate the purity and authenticity of Greek cuisine through a modern perspective guided by our love of the Mediterranean diet, not only as a cuisine but also as a way of life. At MAVRO, we honour local flavours as much as the air, the sun, the sea and the island’s rituals.

Mavro Dining Experience

The Ambience

Just like a precious black gem unearthed from the volcanic rocks, Mavro Restaurant at Kivotos Hotel & Villas adorns the caldera of Imerovigli with its distinctive, all-black architecture. Dine on our veranda that floats above the magnificent Skaros Rock where the shadows of an old castle city taunt the imagination. Let the soft Aegean breeze whisper words of love as you savour Mediterranean cuisine at its finest. Enjoy the seductive experience that you can only find at Mavro Restaurant.

Mavro Dining Experience

Sunset Experience

Experience the sublime spectacle of Santorini’s world-famous sunset from the vantage point of our terrace hovering above the Aegean Sea. Sit back, relax and enjoy the extraordinary technicolour views in a setting of pure elegance as you savour a glass of your favourite wine or champagne in the company of your loved ones. Combined with a curated program of Sun Rituals, a mystical celebration of the sun’s primal powers, this is an experience you won’t forget. Come for the views, stay for the experience. Sunset experience only with reservation (lounge area) 18:30 to 20:30

Mavro Dining Experience

An Eclectic Wine List

Our eclectic wine list offers the finest, most inclusive variety of Greece wines available in the island and not only. The Wine list at MAVRO showcase local producers from the Santorini region and sub-regions, from highly regarded, historic producers to young winemakers in the island, emerging natural and low intervention scene. Mavro’s house wine own bottles also feature: a collection of house wines produced with our friends from 

Wine List

Mavro Dining Experience


Inspired by iconic aperitivos and designed to enjoy before dinner, our signature cocktails with local spirits and liqueurs, with flavours influenced by Mediterranean.

Coctails List